Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Girls Camp, Baseball & Swim Meet

So girls camp was last week. I had an amazing time.
I got to hang out with some of my favorite people
& make some new friends!
Here I am with my ward fun!

I have known Linda(to the right of me) for probably about 12 years...since we moved into this house; but didn't REALLY get to know her until this week. I think we laughed all week. Her & I have the same sense of humor and cracked each other up. We were always laughing about something! Namely my pole dancing routine(hehe) and the fire alarm incident at 1 in the morning.

At girls camp there is never a dull moment.

We started out with our 5 mile hike. Very fun!

Ok so I don't enjoy hiking that much...takes too long. I would much rather run it and get it over with. I know, I guess I'm not a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of gal.

That night were the skits....yep, you guessed it, my pole dancing! No not really.....but Todd was hoping.

'Amazing Grace' will never sound the same to him after that. Thanks for being a good sport.

OK so this is the funny part.
I got to run the zip line, harnessing the girls and making sure they were secure. That was fun but exhausting all morning.
Later the next day the adults were trying it....very funny.
Watch the video and see for yourself.
Make sure you watch the left corner of the screen to see Darold Henry get whipped around!
It's pretty sad to see that we were laughing so hard no one asked him if he was ok!
It's on facebook for all to see!

Me, Annette & Dianna
These are my favorite ladies!
Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to get to serve with these ladies...we have way too much fun for it to be work!

Me & Rachelle
(Ain't she cute!)

She's single in case anyone was wondering!

Annette, Me & Rachelle

Jenna, Lauren, Emily & Sam

Coming back form Testimony meeting Linda & I saw these girls trying to take their own pictures jumping in the air.....what funny girls!

Emily, Mckell & Lauren


I think they were being raptors..I'm really not sure

Here we are BEFORE the hike!!

So I felt like a yo-yo while I was there because Cullan & Nelson both had their playoff games in baseball. So each night I would take off down the mountain & head to their games. Nelson's team took 3rd in the city tournament and Cullan's took 1st!!! I'm glad camp was so close that I could do that.

Nelson pitching

Cullan's Championship Team

My brother Mark is staying with us for awhile to look for a job & house so he can move his family here from Ca. He got here while I was at girls camp so I saw him at Nelson's game.

Swim Meet time!!

Yes, the swim season has begun.

Look at this awesome picture of Austin diving.

He did great in his events; he shaved 5 seconds off of his 100m breaststroke!

Nelson doing the butterfly

Skinny little Cullan-yes we feed him!

We cleared out one of our 6 bedrooms so it can be used. Having an exchange student & my brother living here for awhile, we finally needed the room.

We got a futon for it and now I really want to use it as my 'reading' room!

I will update soon with info about our exchange student who comes tonight! Should be fun; Austin is just glad we finally get a boy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wasatch Back Relay & Ohio Trip

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay 2009

I ran the Wasatch Back relay this weekend(Logan to Park City-188 miles)
I had the best time!
I was in a van with 5 other girls that I did not know. They were awesome!
We laughed, we ate, we stunk, we drank(Redbull, my 1st time) and we DIDN'T sleep! Well maybe an hour or so.
I am so sore and so ready to do it again next year.

Ok so I can't figure out how to turn the picture, but here I am on my last leg. 1 mile up-then 6.3 straight down. My quads were shakin'!

Alesha's husband brought this trailer for us to sleep in. It was so nice! We were spoiled!

And again, no idea how to turn these....but here I am getting Gatorade all down me.

The hand off

My favorite picture.
Probably because I had just passed this high school kid and I was done with my 1st leg.

Our whole team!

Ohio Trip!!!

I had a great time in Ohio a week ago visiting my sister Angie & kids.
I loved taking the girls somewhere new everyday. I'm pretty sure we went to every park within a 20 mile radius! I especially liked getting to see my new nephew Cameron. He is so cute and I'm sure he is doing more things since I left that I am missing out on...BooHoo!

The girls in their matching bathing suits at the bunny fountains!

The girls the 1st night I got there showing off their room & toys

Me & Ang

Kelly is the master rope-jumper.

And McKenna learned while I was there too.

Cameron tackled me

After the girl's baths

At Kelly & McKenna's school

Cute baby Cameron

Another park

At the Columbus Zoo; now ranked #1 in the U.S.

At Friendly's

Camille is just adorable. I could have taken her home with me. Whenever I looked at her...she gave a big grin!

Sunday before church I took the girls to the Columbus, Ohio Temple to take some pictures.

The day I left.
It was so sad, I could have stayed forever.
I hope the girls don't forget me.....Maybe I'll go back in a few weeks...haha

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cullan's 9th Birthday!!

Nelson, Lauren & Cullan

Cullan is so fun.
He never asks for much and is so polite that it makes me feel guilty sometimes. "Thanks Mom." when all I've done was get him a drink of water.

He said yesterday on his birthday...
"Thanks Mom for taking us to dinner, thanks Mom for taking us to the movies, thanks Mom for my new bike"......see I start feeling guilty like he has to say 'thank you' because he doesn't get much. If that makes sense?

Ron & Austin were gone so it was just the 4 of us to celebrate but we had a fun day.

My New Bright Shoes!

They really do glow in the dark. People on the canal can see me coming... Saucony sent these to me to wear-test so I guess I gotta wear them. They are super comfy though and now I have some shoes to wear on the Wasatch Back Relay!

Our 1st Eagle scout!!

Austin received his Eagle scout award on Sunday. We are really proud of all the work he did to achieve it.
He is such a happy kid and has such a cute smile!! I know he's gonna love that I said that!

Austin & his best friend Chase got their Eagle together.

Haha So funny. I made them do that!

Proud Parents

Yep, a true Eagle scout!

What a cute smile!

Austin gave his mentor pin to Lisa. She actually deserves the Eagle award!
Thanks Lisa for your endless hours of work!

Ron's parents got home from their 2
year mission to Thailand last week. It's so good to have them back. They are great examples to all of us!

Austin & Grandma

Austin & Grandpa!

Hanging out with Mom & Dad

Ruben just hanging around!

Lauren & Ruben

Dance Festival

Nelson & his crazy hair......